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2021 - (Dec. 4th)         Virtual Conference: Bridging the Assets of our Multilingual Learners

                                                Featuring Keynote: Dr. Maira Martelo

​2021 - (Jan. - April)   Virtual Book Study: Meeting the Needs of SLIFE: A Guide for Educators by Dr. Andrea DeCapua

​                                                 Materials and Resources

2020 - (Oct. 3rd)        Virtual Roundtable: Supporting our ELLs in Times of Change

                                                           Featuring Keynote: Dr. Andrea DeCapua 

                                                 "Countering the Slide: Strategies for Meeting the Needs of SLIFE"

2019 - (Sept. 20th)    Fall Networking Event: Benito's Italian Cafe & Restaurant

​2019 - (April 6th)     NEF TESOL's Annual Spring Conference: Equity Through Advocacy

​                                                 Featuring Keynote: Ramin Yazdanpanah

2018- (April 14th)    TESOL: It Takes A Village Symposium; A symposium to focus on wholly developing ELLs. 

                                                Featuring Keynote: Dr. Keith Folse

2017- (March 11th)  The Game of TESOL: Engaging All Players

                                                Featuring Keynote: Kristy Cooley

2016- (March 5th)     NEF TESOL's Annual Spring Conference 

                                                Featuring Keynote: Nhial Kou

2016- (Dec. 2nd)         I Learn America Documentary Viewing and Discusson

2015- (April 18th)     Mapping the Way Into The Future

                                               Featuring Keynote: Dr. Nile Stanley